Eagle-Access Readies Its First Access System Prototype

The Netherlands-based Eagle-Access BV is developing its first offshore access system prototype for the transfer of personnel and cargo.

The Eagle-Access System prototype is currently being prepared for production, while the sea trials are scheduled for September 2019.

According to the Dutch company, the new access system is completely electrically powered which means large hydraulic power packs and generators are unnecessary, thus making the construction costs lower and operating costs considerably reduced.

The installation on the deck of the maintenance vessels is also smaller, resulting in the minimum limitation of deck use, Eagle-Access said, emphasizing that this makes it possible to use smaller platform supply vessels (PSVs). The system’s operational window is from -2m to 25m.

In mid-September, Van Halteren Group signed an agreement to become an investor and shareholder in supporting the roll-out of the first systems.

Source: offshoreWIND.biz

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