BMO Offshore contracted by DONG Energy to equip crew transfer vessels with Vessel Motion Monitoring Systems (VMMS) in the UK

DONG Energy will use the VMMS to track long term performances of the crew transfer vessels and the efficiency of the fleet regarding site conditions and workload.

After initial testing in the spring, DONG Energy concluded that using the VMMS to quantify the performance of the vessels and evaluating their utilization for a long period can generate substantial efficiency improvements.

Accordingly, DONG Energy has awarded a contract to BMO to develop a bespoke version of the VMMS for their UK assets to even further increase the potential of the VMMS and leveraging big data analytics to improve site operations.

BMO Founder Gijs Hulscher said: “We are very proud of being awarded this contract and see it as the result of the hard work of all parties in this industry to increase safety and efficiency by creating transparency of performance and actions.”

VMMS gives wind farm operators and vessel owners advanced information in their tailor-made format on all vessel activities which creates an easy framework for optimization of fuel consumption, crew planning, passenger comfort and safety, according to BMO. It helps in evaluating current performance and planning for future fleet upgrades and expansion.

BMO launched the VMMS in March 2013.

source, imagesource: Dong

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