DOB Academy created map of planned offshore wind farms

DOB Academy created a map of wind farms planned to be built in North-West Europe. 

Wind energy is often discussed in relation to decreasing costs and surprisingly low tender bids. Wind farms that are mentioned usually do not physically exist yet. So, which wind farms are planned to be built in North-West Europe? DOB Academy made an attempt to answer this question by creating a map.

Granted Sites

However, this question is not as easily answered as you might expect. What is more or less generally known are a number of sites that are granted to a developing party, sometimes as a result of a tender procedure, for developing a wind farm. On the map, these are called ‘Granted sites’ (blue). What makes it complex is that although most West-European countries have the ambition to generate (much) more energy on offshore wind farms, they differ in view on how to address this ambition.

Already opened

Moreover, the stadia in which their plans are also differ. For some sites tender procedures are opened, while for others they just got indicated as ‘suitable for generating offshore wind energy’. In some cases, sites are not located yet, but a goal in terms of MW of offshore wind energy is set. On the map, only sites are shown (yellow) were either a tender procedures is already opened or were a tender procedure is announced.

This map is created as part of DOB Academy's ‘Tender Assist’, on the development of wind farms. This course took place recently and will be repeated later this year.

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