Data management key for future success in offshore wind

Data management will be key for future success, said Joep Athmer, managing director of Van Oord Offshore during the Offshore Seminar on February 15. His company is putting a lot of effort in the development of measurement and data processing tools, thereby relying on innovations of its dedicated suppliers to reduce costs.

Good to know that half of the innovations in offshore wind are related to information technology, Martin Weissmann of InnovatieLink told the audience, giving three innovative entrepreneurs of Offshore Wind Innovators the floor to illustrate this trend: Nextocean with its wave prediction system for a time span of 1-5 minutes, Mocean Offshore with its 4-day ahead motion forecasting system MO4 and ECE offshore with its cable monitoring system Oasys.

All these systems are dealing with a tremendous amount of data. The crux is to filter out the irrelevant data, develop smart algorithms and present them in a simple, understandable way. At the end of the day the ultimate goal is to reduce uncertainties and support the decision making process, or, as Jelte Kymmell of Mocean Offshore said: to bridge the gap between engineering and operation.

The three innovations presented during the seminar, have reached at least the phase of demonstration and are more or less commercial available; they have attracted one or more launching customers of early adaptors. As they complement each other to a certain extent, the next challenge is to integrate them to an overall solution, one of the visitors pointed out as most important conclusion.

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