Bluestream and Skeye Elevate Offshore Inspection Game

Den Helder-based inspection services provider Bluestream has teamed with compatriot unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) operator Skeye BV to jointly provide visual inspection services and geographic data acquisition for offshore assets using UAVs.

Bluestream said that the company can now provide clients with a total inspection solution utilizing Skeye’s advanced small unmanned drones, capable to reach places that are difficult, expensive, dangerous, or even impossible to approach by manned inspection teams.

The drones are particularly suitable for live flare & vent stack, topside, splash zone and under deck inspections, Bluestream said.

“Our professional rope access, diving and ROV inspection, repair and maintenance services combined with the Skeye UAV-based inspection services will provide a unique advantage for customer’s maintenance campaigns and projects. We are now tailored to meet the most challenging of customer needs,” Bluestream’s commercial manager Anton Janssens said.

“Not only does this high-grade inspection service allow a fast and efficient collection of extensive footage in a short amount of time, whilst the asset is still in production, it also improves the targeted delivery of Rope Access work. This cooperation enables both subsea and topside inspections to be done by a single party, resulting in integrated reports of inspections done, creating added value to the customer.”

The new business partners have already executed various inspection scopes together, including a comprehensive inspection program for a client in the North Sea wind sector.

“Through this partnership we are able to offer full UAV inspections, complete with report, and including recommendations if requested. This new service will position both companies as more complete and efficient service providers within the offshore industry,” Jan van Liebergen, Operations Director at Skeye, said.


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