Are you the most innovative offshore wind entrepreneur of 2020?

Are you the most innovative entrepreneur of 2020?

2020 was a year in which we all had to make changes and adapt to a new situation. It was however, also a year full of innovative ideas and entrepreneurs. Now it is time to choose the most innovative SME company in offshore wind. Offshore Wind Innovators organises the Innovation Award 2020: a contest to raise awareness of the innovative power of this community. Who is eligible? The award is intended for Dutch SME entrepreneurs of Offshore Wind Innovators. The award consists of a jury prize and a public prize. What is the award?

  • Eternal fame of being the most innovative entrepreneur of 2020;
  • Media and PR exposure;
  • Invitation to present the innovation during TKI Wind op Zee Live;
  • One-day workshop to tackle your next market introduction challenge;
  • A statue of the award.

Please read more about the Innovation Award or apply on here. The application will close on 15 February 2021.

The award winner will be revealed during the third edition of TKI Wind op Zee Live on 30 March at 15:00 hours.

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