Application deadline Innovation Challenge


Currently it is still possible to apply for one of the five challenges provided by members of the Offshore Wind Innovators community. The deadline is set on the 10th of September! Do not hesitate and apply now! Application forms can be found below.

Read more about the Innovation Challenge,it's process and related activities like the Bootcamp and Masterclass here!

Challenge 1.0 "The perfect fender"

SeaZip is looking for a durable and long lasting fender. Do you have an innovation which could be their solution? Then fill in the form below:

Challenge 2.0 "Limit/prevent the impact of offshore wind farms on birds"

With more windfarms at sea, the question rises what it's effects are on wildlife at sea like birds, and if there are effects on birds how can these be limited or even prevented? Do you have a smart idea to monitor or even have an impact on this idea? Then apply now for the challenge of TKI Wind op Zee below:

Challenge 3.0 "On the spot oil analysis"

On a regular basis oil and grease samples have to be taken of the windturbines of Gemini windfarm. However this process can still be improved a lot. Do you have an innovative idea for smart sample analysis? Then apply now!

Challenge 4.0 "Mobile bolting device"

Gemini is looking for an automatic technology for torqueing bolts.

Challenge 5.0 "Blade inspection at night"

Gemini would like to explore the possibilities to inspect blades in the dark by using drones, or another innovative method.

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