Topsector Energy makes 100.000 € extra available for hiring an Innovation Broker

Earlier this year the subsidy for hiring innovation brokers was exhausted in one month. Many SME entrepreneurs applied for a financial contribution. The Topsector Energy has now decided to make extra subsidy budget available.

Unlike other years, the compensation for hiring an innovation broker is not 50% but 100% of the costs incurred, up to a maximum of 10,000 euros per SME (including VAT).

"Start-ups and SME entrepreneurs are often leaders in innovation. They regularly face many challenges, like hiring external expertise in certain areas because they have limited financial resources", says Martin Weissmann, of the Financing Desk of the Topsector Energy. "The extended subsidy scheme is, therefore, welcome to accommodate innovative companies active in the energy transition."

An innovation broker can assist SME-entrepreneurs in, among other things: developing a business plan, patent advice, attracting investors, deal closing around financing or setting up consortia with other companies and/ or knowledge institutions*.

Applications for the subsidy can be submitted to the Topsector Energy from 15 September 2020, 9.00 hours onwards till the end 31st of december. The activities of the innovation broker can start from 1st of October 2020, after approval of the application by the Topsector Energy. Subsidy awarding takes place via the "first come, first served" principle. In case that the number of approved application exceeds the available budget on the opening date, we will draw lots.

Please find here more information about submission.

For specific questions, please contact Martin Weissmann of the Financing Desk.

* Excluded of the subsidy is hiring of an innovation broker for the specific purpose of having a subsidy application drawn up. Out of pocket costs, such as patent filing costs, are also excluded and the subsidy is only meant for those who developthemselves innovative technologies with the aim to scale-up and enter the market.

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