The MonobaseWind gravity base foundation is engineered to allow for assembly of the foundation, tower and turbine inshore which will minimize the offshore work.  This will reduce the exposure of the delicate marine environment to the industrial work required to build an offshore wind farm

MonoBaseWind - alternative foundation

MonoBase foundation artist impression

MonoBaseWind is a cooperation between Orca Offshore, Edmelja and Venture Counsels. The three partners have developed an alternative, monobased foundation for offshore wind turbines.

The MonoBaseWind has been developed as an efficient foundation system for 40+ m waterdepth and 10+ MW wind turbine. This system solves the problem to install a heavy gravity base including wind turbine by splitting the system into a tower and a base that can slide with regard to each other. That way the whole system can be installed without the help of a heavy lift vessel or other bespoke vessel.

Consortium Borssele Innovation site V

Recently, MonoBaseWind has established a consortium with several Dutch partners to provide two foundations for the Borssele Innovation site V. The consortium is providing full EPCI foundations:

  • One MonobaseWind foundation

  • One monopile with double slip joint (KCI) design

Prototypes of each concept will be combined with a standard wind turbine and connected to the grid to produce electricity.

This innovation site offers an unique opportunity to demonstrate the full potential of the foundation innovations which both have the potential to initiate a substantial cost savings for the future offshore wind developments.

The foundations are planned to be installed in 2020.

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