Responsible for the sustainable development of logistics and industry in the third largest port in the Netherlands.

Zeeland Seaports includes the port of Vlissingen and the port of Terneuzen. Together, they make up a centrally located and strategic gateway to North-West Europe: the location on open sea, the depth of 16.5 metres, the congestion-free hinterland connections and the specialised terminals.

The port area offers opportunities for the establishment of new companies, e.g. in the offshore wind industry.

About 200 companies which are active in industry, logistics and maritime services have settled in the port area. The transshipment of project cargo is an important business segment. This includes materials for generating power at sea. Zeeland Seaports plays an increasingly important role when it comes to the storage and transshipment of parts for offshore wind turbines. The twentieth wind farm was delivered from the Zeeland port.

Offshore cluster

Zeeland Seaports has been a reliable partner in the offshore market for many years, thanks to its strategic location vis-à-vis many offshore wind farms in the North Sea and thanks to the nautical access for installation vessels with no locks and hardly any waiting times. The experience of logistics service providers regarding storage and handling of different types of large objects, and the specialist knowledge on assembling parts, offer strategic advantages.

New commercial activity can further reinforce the offshore cluster. Producers of large objects, including their sub-contractors and service providers, or logistics companies specialized in heavy-lift operations, are welcome.

Dedicated terminals for offshore project cargo:

• Bow Terminal
• Mammoet Multipurpose Terminal Terneuzen
• Verbrugge Terminals

• Heerema Fabrication Group
• Damen Shiprepair and Conversion

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