Test site Lelystad Wind Energy

The test site Lelystad Wind Energy involves the installation and testing of (non-certified) test turbines of 2-3 MW.

The new generation of wind turbines with a tip height of up to 200 meters are on the test site. In addition to certification and research for new materials, research is done into the integration of renewable energy into the grid. For more information, read the leaflet.

Besides this, research is done into measuring devices such as LiDAR and sodar.

Test Site Lelystad is made possible in part by Wageningen UR and ACRRES. ACRRES has developed this location in close coordination with the municipality of Lelystad and the province of Flevoland. The possibility to conduct research and experiments for sustainable energy on approximately 1300 hectares is part of the zoning plan on the Wageningen UR sites.

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