Techport provides access to a network of collaborating companies, educational institutions and governments.

Technological innovation is so complex and expensive that knowledge and skills of companies in the manufacturing industry alone are not sufficient anymore. Innovation begins with collaboration. Therefore, Techport has set up the company alliance Techport Industries.

The roots of Techport are in the IJmond, but all parties in the Metropolitan region of Amsterdam and North Holland active in these fields are working together. 

Techport Industries is a business network that promotes employment and collaborates on innovations. Entrepreneurs active in the energy, offshore, manufacturing industry and high tech systems & materials can sign up. Techport Industrie focuses on supporting companies working together in innovation projects, especially small and medium enterprises.

Offshore wind

One of the innovation themes of Techport Industries is Offshore Wind. The North Sea Channel area is an excellent base for offshore and wind projects. Amsterdam Ymuiden Offshore Port (AYOP) has the ambition to formulate an innovation agenda Offshore & Wind for the North Sea Channel area together with Techport Industries. Connecting the existing manufacturing industry is essential for this development.

Techport Industries also organizes thematic meetings, company excursions and network ventures. In addition, vouchers for good ideas are distributed and SMEs are supported during the launch or financing of innovative projects.

Open innovation

Members of Techport Industries share knowledge. This open innovation network must lead to new ideas and projects and at the end of the day to new products and processes. Membership of Techport Industries is free. Members include HGG profiles, NLR, ECN, MKB IJmond, Port of Amsterdam and Vicoma.

For more information about Techport Industries, please contact Gerik ten Berge.

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