RDM Rotterdam is the hotspot for innovation in the port.

RDM Rotterdam is a hotspot for innovation in the port of Rotterdam. The former shipyard is now home to a range of private-sector, education and research initiatives. They work on a range of innovations that will contribute to a ‘smarter port’. Companies have access to cutting-edge facilities and can easily team up with partners in education and research. 

At RDM Rotterdam over 40 innovative start-ups, SMEs and global players in the maritime and offshore sectors have found home, including Ampelmann, Franklin Offshore and Energy Floors.

Prototype and testing facilities

In addition to office spaces and events, RDM offers a variety of modern and hi-tech equipment available to outside parties for both short- and long-term projects. This is initiated by RDM Rotterdam, in partnership with RDM Makerspace and RDM Centre of Expertise.

Relevant facilities for offshore wind entrepreneurs include:

  • At the Aqualab hydrodynamic laboratory, researchers can study the effects water movements and currents have on hydraulic engineering projects, ships and coastlines. They can also conduct stability tests on buoyant objects.
  • Aqua Dock is a testing facility for buoyant structures at RDM’s Dokhaven. Here, researchers can develop and test floating prototypes for new buildings and infrastructure.
  • The three robotic arms in the RDM Robotics Zone can be used to test and produce new and innovative products.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) Lab gives access to all sorts of equipment that can be used to prototype IoT solutions.
  • In the hi-tech workshop, members have access to equipment like CNC milling machines, laser cutters, 3D printers and scanners and robotic arms to realise their designs.

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