The innovation hub of the Amsterdam port where entrepreneurs can test, develop and roll out their products and processes.

Prodock is an initiative of Havenbedrijf Amsterdam to accelerate the establishment, development and commercial rollout of new products, processes and services in the industrial port. The incubator offers a ‘plug and play’  industrial site, office and outdoor spaces, where companies can test their products and processes. In addition, Prodock is a community with cross-fertilization opportunities and a high exposure platform.

Prodock is an incubator where companies can make the step from a small-scale test setup to commercial level, and thereby getting support from the port company to facilitate access to finance, markets and distribution networks.

Prodock facilitates innovative and fast-growing companies with testing their products and services in a large warehouse with a significant outdoor area of 4000 m2. The location is intended for both growing and established companies, companies who have grown out of the laboratory phase and want to scale up. The focus is on companies active in energy transition, biobased and circular economics, logistics renewal and operational excellence.


All basic facilities are available and a tenant can get started immediately. By offering support services, companies can focus on their core business. The location wants to grow into a strong, accessible and connected community. Therefore network events are also held and personal connections are realised. By bringing companies into contact with the right sources of knowledge, expertise and resources, Prodock aims to contribute to the rapid development and success of innovative companies.

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