The home base for a growing number of offshore-related businesses.

The favourable geographical location of the Port of Den Helder offers a wide range of possibilities for (water-related) businesses. The broad selection of civilian and maritime enterprises means the location offers more than merely business opportunities.
Knowledge institutes, research organisations and education centres have all found their way to Den Helder. Intensive cooperation between these various parties is essential for the further development of the area

The recently opened Kooyhaven fits within the Port of Den Helder’s strategic vision to advance the harbour’s position as a Dutch offshore logistics hub by focusing more and more on offshore wind energy. The business park offers space for companies within the energy market supply chain which require port or waterfront connections.

Operations based out of Den Helder involve not only North Sea wind farm construction, but operations and maintenance activities in particular. These are companies that ensure wind turbines continue to operate and be maintained. Den Helder offers, with leading research institutes in the nearby area, the helicopter airport of Den Helder Airport and the unique geographical location, an excellent business climate for the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms

Den Helder-based Glomar Offshore B.V. is the first company to confirm their position in the Kooyhaven inner harbour. The company operates a diverse fleet of purpose-built offshore support vessels and is regarded as a prominent player in the offshore market. Glomar Offshore is extending its activities to Kooyhaven with the establishment of warehouses for minor vessel repairs and mobilisations for the wind industry.

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