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In order to remain an energy port in the future, the port of Amsterdam is looking for new types of cargo and new methods of generating a maximum amount of sustainable energy. They work together both with energy customers in the Port and with other partners throughout this process. Together, they are creating a sustainable international energy hub relevant to the new economy.

As part of its new strategy Port of Amsterdam is contributing to the growing momentum behind the energy transition. Driven by sustainability targets and for economic reasons, Port of Amsterdam has begun the transition process toward a more sustainable future, so as to accommodate the port’s further growth.

The Port of Amsterdam has been attracting start-ups and scale-ups which ensure diversification and innovation, for the purpose of accelerating the energy transition. ‘In pursuing this strategy, the port is deliberately and literally making room for the development of new activities and innovations. This is sensible from an economic point of view and more sustainable, as well as promoting employment.’

In late 2016, the Port also became the co-owner of a wind farm based in the Afrikahaven area. By 2020, it will be home to a 100,000 square-metre solar array. Coupled with the expected growth in the production of biofuels, this will transform Port of Amsterdam into a large, regional, sustainable energy supplier.

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