​Linking hydrodynamic research to the maritime indutry

Maritime research institute MARIN is a provider of advanced hydrodynamic and nautical expertise to the international maritime industry and governments. They do this based on the latest calculation and testing facilities, full-scale measurement and simulators, and by working together with an extensive innovation and research network. All this accumulated expertise helps them to realise their goal: the development of cleaner, safer and smarter ships and sustainable use of the sea.

To fulfill its design and verification services, MARIN has a large range of model testing, computer simulation, full-scale measurement and training facilities. The synergy between these activities is the basis of their problem solving capacity, aiming at a reliable prediction. Marin has seven tank facilities available to solve specific design and research issues.

In combination with the model basins, MARIN uses simulation software, full-scale testing and training. This combination is used to achieve a reliable prediction of the performance in the design phases and to improve and ensure the optimal operational use of the ship or structure. For this purpose, a large number of software simulation tools, tools for conducting full-scale measurements and several bridge simulators are available at MARIN.

Joint Industry Projects

In addition to providing commercial hydrodynamic design and verification services to industry and governments, MARIN’s contribution to shaping tomorrow’s products also takes place through Joint Industry Project (JIPs) as one of the most important steps in the development, sharing and application of knowledge, e.g. JIP ‘Combined mooring systems for floating wind farms’ and ‘Improved design methods for wave impact on offshore wind turbines’.

Free test time for maritime SMES

MARIN offers maritime SMEs free time to test their innovative ideas. The offer is intended for SMEs who want to explore a new maritime concept: to see if it works, to improve it or to demonstrate it. With this initiative, MARIN wants to help Dutch SMEs make an important step in the development of their innovation. Companies can apply through www.marin.nl/mkb

The facilities include:

Seakeeping & Manoeuvring Basin, Offshore Basin, Deep Water Towing Tank, Depressurised Wave Basin, Concept Basin, Shallow Water Basin, Cavitation Tunnel

Simulator Sales, Simulator Facilities

Computer fluid dynamics
PARNASSOS, ReFRESCO, CFD for Ships, CFD for Offshore

Software Sales, Dynamic Stability Simulation, Offshore Monitoring Systems, Offshore Multi-body Software, Resistance & Propulsion Software, Safety (QRA) Software, Ship Trial Investigations, Maneuvering, Seakeeping and Nautical Software, Workflow solutions

Experimental techniques
High Speed-Video, Particle Image velocimetry

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