Borssele Innovation Site

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs  has designated a site for the demonstration of new wind turbines (Site V) to the coast of Borssele. This innovation site offers space for up to two wind turbines with a combined maximum power of 20 MW.

The new sustainable energy zone is under construction some 20 kilometres off the Dutch coast: Borssele Wind Farm Site V. This site has been designated as an innovation site within the Borssele Wind Farm Zone. The Two Towers consortium, consisting of Van Oord, Investri Offshore and Green Giraffe, has been awarded the project and thus given a unique opportunity to test and demonstrate advanced technologies.

The Borssele Innovation Site is part of the regular windfarm Borssele Site 3 but is physically and contractually separated. The space of the innovation site is kept as small as possible to leave as much space as possible for regular projects. The turbines will be connected to the Tennet platform with a 66 kV cable.

The objective of the Innovation Site is to demonstrate new technologies at high TRL levels (TRL8), enabling cost reduction, enhancing the market and export potential and increasing knowledge by combining demonstration and (small) R&D.

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