Buccaneer Delft

Buccaneer Delft is an accelerator for ambitious entrepreneurs in the energy and offshore industry. It is also a central meeting point, providing facilities in a monumental environment. The mission is to enhance and fast-track these young companies’ commercial success.

The program offers practical growth support, focused on bringing young entrepreneurs in contact with experts and each other to exchange knowledge and ideas.

Buccaneer Delft has inside knowledge of the offshore and energy industry. As accelerator it serves scale-up companies with an innovative technology product for the energy and/or offshore sector, and a scalable business model.

Offices and events

Buccaneer Delft is a shared facility building, providing all office related services such as internet, reception and catering. Besides the Buccaneer is hosting network events, brainstorm sessions and workshops. It has a vast network of experienced entrepreneurs who are driven by technology and innovation.

Support for growth

Setting up a business is always a case of trial and error. This is why Buccaneer Delft offers a 100 day personal growth development program. Top coaches and experiences entrepreneurs will help young entrepreneurs in a structural program to accelerate to the second growth state (market and finance) with finding customers and initial funding.

At the Buccaneer Delft there are already some companies using all the facilities and opportunities, including Fistuca, Next Ocean, JB Systems, Vanguard Drilling, Hardt Hyperloop, SMST, and Ivy Global.


  • Seriena Bal is our Managing Director for our accelerator program. For more information please send an e-mail at info@buccaneerdelft.com
  • For intern as extern events at Buccaneer Delft you can reach Thessa van den Tempel, Event Coördinator, at events@buccaneerdelft.com

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