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Offshore Wind Innovators

Van Oord

Leading international contractor specialising in offshore wind projects

ECE Offshore

Provider of installation and monitoring equipment for cables and umbilicals.


Monitoring service provider for condition and behavior of wind turbine blades.

Rotterdam -


Specialized in creating custom tools that allow safe and on time installation, with a constant drive on developing innovative products and services.

Rotterdam -


Industry leader in innovative aerial drone survey and inspection.

Alphen a/d Rijn -


Developer of cost-saving products from scratch and tailor made equipment.

STARK Learning

Specialist in development of online virtual reality training solutions.

Groningen -


Developer of computing technology for ultra fine-scale weather forecasts.

Blue H Engineering

Technology developer of floating foundations and offshore engineering.


Solution provider of execution, maintenance and consultancy for bolting projects.

Enschede -


Supplier of high tech equipment, enabling hydrogen from wind to wheel.

Offshore Wind Logistics

Lifting services for the offshore wind industry.


Specialist in turnkey installation and service of wind turbines.

nieuwdorp -


Engineering company for a hydraulic solution for offshore wind energy.

Delft -

Ampyx Power

Developer of Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES) with a tethered aircraft.

BMO Offshore

Supplier of operational intelligence for the maritime industry.


3D profiling specialist.

Wieringerwerf -


IT Solution provider for hydrographic services.


Bolting specialist with innovative method using ultrasonic bolt measurements

Hoogeveen -


Integrated subsea service provider in Survey, Inspection, Maintenance, Repair.

Zierikzee -

Overlasko Konstruktie

Machining, metal forming and construct of all possible work in steel.


Consulting company for QHSE issues in offshore energy.

BOW terminal

Terminal providing facilities for offshore, wind and heavy lift industry.

Nieuwdorp -


Engineering company designing piping solutions for process installations.

Zebra ICE

HR company sourcing technical expertise for different companies.


Broker and consultant for all types of offshore supply vessels.

Vlissingen -

The Wind Technicians

Offshore employment services.


Consultancy in education and training on QHSE.

Terneuzen -


Engineering and project management in civil and mechanics

Paneelbouw Middelburg

Construction and installation of electrical management panels.

Middelburg -

DOC Logistics

Mobilisation and demobilization of ships.

Lubo International

Lubricant producer for bolts in offshore.


Industrial inspection, maintenance and installation lifting equipment.

Nieuwdorp -

PTS Machinery

Engineering and machinery construction in offshore.

North Sea Port

Sustainable development of logistics and industry in the Zeeland Seaports.


Providing access to a network of collaborating companies and organizations.

Energy Port Zeeland

Platform in Zeeland to connect offshore wind organisations and companies.


Network organization, supporting a cluster of companies in the northern part of the Netherlands.

Groningen -

Impuls Zeeland

Offering assistance to new start-ups and by supporting projects in Zeeland.


Investment company for renewable energy.

Haarlem -

Monobase Wind

Provider of alternative foundation technology to support the next generation wind turbines of all scales.


Participation funding for sustainable economics Noord-Holland.

Amsterdam -


International Vessel Agency & Logistics group, offering vessel, cargo, freight and logistics services

Navingo - Offshore WIND

Cross-media company that provides the Offshore Wind industry with news, knowledge and leads.


Consortium of around 20 leading players to reduce the costs of offshore wind.

Buccaneer Delft

Accelerator for ambitious entrepreneurs in the energy and offshore industry.

Boskalis Offshore Subsea Services

Leading international contractor and subsea service provider.


Transport and container company

Middelburg -


Multidisciplinary company in infrastructure, demolition, logistics, environment and recycling

's Heerenhoek -

DOB Academy

Offshore energy education for professionals

Verbrugge Terminal

Specialized logistics provider in distribution, stevedoring and warehousing

Schelde Exotech

Manufacturer of high quality products in special materials for oil, gas and (petro)chemical industry,

Yellow & Finch publishers

Full-service publishing company dedicated purely to the maritime world

Peterson Control Union

Logistics, quality, certifications and risk management covering all aspects of the supply chain in many industries including energy,


Specialist in design, engineering and manufacturing of control systems for offshore, underwater and dredging applications

Vlissingen -

Van der Peijl Techniek

Group of wholesale companies, delivering a range of technical products including welding equipment


Multidisciplinary engineering firm providing full design, engineering and consultancy services.

Schiedam -

Kojo Engineering

Multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm for (petro)chemical, process, energy, manufacturing and food industry

Vlissingen -

OVET shipping

Ovet Shipping is an experienced logistic service provider


Logistic provider of seabed preparation material.

Terneuzen -

MechDes Engineering

Design, engineering of innovative offshore energy tools, equipment and products.

Harderwijk -

Prior Group

Mob/ demobilisation, HR services, project management civil and electrical.

Middelburg -

OOS International

Ship management, engineering, maintenance for accomodation and lifting activities.

Denta Engineering

Mechanical engineering of offshore equipment, cranes, material handling, machinery, product design, (FEM) calculations.

Next Ocean

Technology provider for realt-ime wheather & wave prediction.


Developer of Virtual Reality training programms with industrial equipment

Utrecht -

Labrujere Staalbouw

Offshore steelconstructions, maintenance, lifting equipment, overhead cranes

Pliant Offshore

Offshore precision measurements for control of equipment

Norden Lifting

Supplier of automated lifting machines and equipment

Cape Holland

Developer and producer of foundation installation equipment

Stored Energy

Solution provider for Energy Storage systems, project design, financing

Rotterdam -

Marine Innovators

Upending system for combined turbine and foundation installation

Port of Rotterdam

Port authority providing land where innovations can be tested and demonstrated

Amphibious Energy

Provider of the Energy Container that is powered by a specialised offshore wind turbine for platforms.

Jules Dock

Developer of a lightweight composite offshore turbine towers.

Rotterdam -

MME Group

Specialist in Inspection, material Testing & Corrosion prevention.


Manufacturing custom-made rubber, plastic and polyurethane products.

Ridderkerk -


Provider and developer of Drying systems & water treatment technology.

Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht -

JB Systems

Specialist in (software) engineering and deliver automation solutions in offshore equipment.

Rotterdam -

ZEPP Solutions

Developer of custom hydrogen fuel cell systems for clean, mobile power generation.


Design and construct light weight accomodation modules for offshore operations


Research test facility with free test time to SMEs who want to explore a new maritime concept.

SpeedSolving Maritime

Organizer of Innovation Challenges between organizations and students.

Ocean Wide crews

Provider of manpower services focused on the Maritime, Offshore and Energy industries.

BMD Advies

Consultancy on environmental permitting, SHEQ, training, energy management, BRZO.


Provider of knowledge and technology.

Amsterdam -


Technology developer focussed on forecasting ship motions (workability) based on weather forecasts

Amsterdam -


R&D and consultanting on corrosion, fouling, MIC, material selection

Den Helder -

Ballast Nedam

Contractor, installator and foundation specialist.


Risk consulting and insurance brokerage providing output guarantees on (new) technology.

Amersfoort -


Producer of motion compensated landing bridge for goods and personnel.

IJmuiden -

World Class Maintenance

Initiator of Fieldlab Zephyros around maintenance innovations in the supply chain.

Blue Motion Energy

Enabler of affordabele renewable energy from waves, tidal and wind.

Papendrecht -


IT (cloud) solution developer for projects, teams and organisations.


Wind turbine producer and developer of the climbinh crane.


Network organziation of offshore ports of Amsterdam and IJmuiden.

Amsterdam -


Association of Dutch Offshore industry.

Rotterdam -


Computational modelling and CFD simulations for planning and designs offshore wind farms.



Augmented Reality solutions for safer offshore lifting.

Delft/Tilburg -

Luykx Ultrasound

Producer and developer of ultrasound systems preventing MIC


Developer of coatings heads automating the coating process of large, industrial surfaces.


Wind turbine developer and producer of innovative turbine ring with blades design.

3D Industrial

Service provider of 3D scanning for wall thickness inspections and external wear issues.

Westknollendam -


Enabler of innovation by providing knowledge, network & capital.


NWEA unites the wind sector in the Netherlands and accelerates the transition towards a renewable energy supply by spurring businesses and governments to invest in wind energy.

Utrecht -

TKI Wind op Zee

Facilitates research, development, valorisation, knowledge transfer, collaboration, and market development towards maximizing the cost reduction and economic impact related to offshore wind.


Provider of subsea technology solutions and taylor made subsea tools.

Numansdorp -

Versatec Energy

Technical compliance consultancy (PCCS) with SMART (data) tools: Con-console, Viewport, Ultimo.

Woerden -


Rotorblade and compsite design expert with aerodynamic expertise and patented blade solutions.


Regional development agency South-Holland, supporting technological developments, encouraging entrepreneurship and investing in fast-growing companies.


Software provider of a risk management tool that focuses on collaboration and ease of use for projects teams.

Delft -


Provider of capital for startups that develop innovative hardware.

Amstelveen -

Cathcart Energy

Provider of Software platform to monitor and control wind park assets and producer of innovative high voltage switch gear.

ORCA Offshore

Service provider for operational risk assessment and mitigation using innovative analysis tools f.e. Decission support tools.


Delivering a trading software platform to let asset owners optimize wind farm operations and investors.

Terneuzen -

Extreme Ecosolutions

EES is able to convert dismantled rotorblades into a circular alternative for natural stone and ceramics.

QPS Photronics

Delivering fiber optic monitoring systems for measuring vibration, temperature and moisture content.

Nederland -


Designing tools and equipment for MP survey, TP installation, passive jacket pile gripper etc.



Developer and producer of a powerfull, reliable and safe small wind turbine.

Torque Wind Turbine

Developer and producer of vertical axe small wind turbines with dynamic blade design.

Talent voor Transitie

Project management, training & development by learning communities of young professionals

Eagle Access

Provider of offshore access from ship to platform and vice versa of people and cargo.

Zandvoort -

Practical Solution

Finding practical solution for technical challenges (inventor) f.e. An access system for small ships.


Independent institute for applied research ofn offshore (project) challenges and delivering test facilities

Edelweiss Renewables

Advisory boutique for renewable energy projects, development, contracting financing/investment, construction, operation.


Provider of service vessels and excellent ship management for fast and safe access to offshore sites.

Harlingen -

Robin Radar

3D Radar system developer which detects birds at distances up to 15km, days and nights.


Producer of Balanced Heave Compensation systems with focus on in-hook Delta product series.


Production of hydraulic drivetrain


Knowledge carrier in Industrial bolting. Producer of Hydraulic, air, battery and electric driven bolting equipement

Beuningen -


Development of investor ready business case and financing/investments

Amsterdam -


Power plant management and direct offtake agreements

Groningen SeaPorts

Base, marshalling and service port (Eemshaven) for offshore wind logistics


Asset monitoring for determining the structural integrity and bolt connection integrity

Brussel -

League GeoPhysics

Developer of detect system on buried cables, pipelines, UXO and aluminium mines

Tanis Engineering

Provider of knowledge and experience on advanced lubricants for gearbox purposes


ARC Sustainable Energy Solutions

Solution provider for innovations related to cable and foundation installation or the design of tools

Rotterdam -

Eco Wave Power

Developer of innovative technology to transform the power of the waves into electricity

D-ICE engineering

Deeptech company on Dynamic Positioning, Hydrodynamic Systems & Control Engineering

Nantes, France -


Provider of tailor made solutions for aerial work platforms at height (fully electric machines, man baskets)


Product development for the next generation of wind turbines and blades

Schiphol-Rijk -

Subsea7 CVC

Corporate Venture Capital funding for offshore energy scale-up companies


Albatrozz is a patented technology to increase the lift of a wing up to 2 times. Albatrozz is brought to you by 3 organisations: University of Groningen, RG Projecten, and EmpowerMi.


Technology provider of patented floating wind concept with one piece rotors

Amsterdam -

HVR Engineering

Engineering specialist on hydraulic power transmissions, simulations, structural analyses and monitoring

Lamons BVBA

Manufacturer of flange gaskets and bolts

Olen, Belgie -

Daubert Cromwell

Manufacturer of corrosion prevention systems (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors)

Munchen, Duitsland -


Subsea products and service company for connectivity, launch & recovery, inspection and data acquisition

Hoogvliet -


Provider of cutting-edge technologies, offering scalable wing and wind turbine blade tip solutions

Apeldoorn -


Producer of the wedge connection as replacement of bolting technique


Unmanned Inspections, Aerial Cinematography and Aerial Photography


Handling and lifting equipment for heavy and unwieldy loads

De Meern -


Engineering and consultancy firm that provides services in the sectors water, infrastructure, the environment and construction.


Design and build IoT network for offshore use like Environmental Monitoring, GPS GNSS Tracking

Maassluis -


Consultancy focussing on sustainability questions to seize opportunities in the changing world around energy.

Highrise Design

Design of aluminium structures for applications in offshore wind farms

Sassenheim -

Ocean Grazer

The Ocean Grazer produces renewable offshore energy, integrating our Ocean Battery, Ocean Foundation and Ocean Power technologies into one hybrid concept

Groningen -


Tetrahedron is providing a solution to simply lift wind turbine components higher with a novel crane type.


FLASC B.V. is a spin-off of the University of Malta, established in The Netherlands in 2019, integrating large-scale energy storage into offshore renewables.

Tramontana Engineering

Providing custom made engineering solutions


Predictive maintenance signals for wind turbine blades

Eindhoven -


Reef Design and construction, nature enhancement, seabed stabilization

Delft -

Wijnne Barends

Shipping and logistics with harbour facility Eemshaven


Corrosion protection in the offshore wind industry with in-house labratory

Moerkapelle -


Offshore Engineering & consultancy on foundations design

Delft -

GBM Works

GBM Works has developed a method to install monopiles in a silent and fast way.