Application form Offshore Wind Innovators Award 2021

Please, fill in the application form.

Why should your innovation win the Innovation Award 2021? Try to be specific on the breakthrough/progress you have reached in 2021 (max 100 words).
What is the economic and/or social impact of your innovation (in terms of efficiency, cost savings, safety, ecology, etc.)?
What makes your innovation special compared to the existing market standard? Why is your product a game changer?
Do you have some evidence that it will work and that the market will use your application? And what is your revenue model? (= how do you earn money?)
How are you going to enroll your innovation and introduce or upscale it to the market?

Questions about the Offshore Wind Innovators Award?

Get in touch with Martin Weissmann, Community Manager of Offshore Wind Innovators via email or by phone: +31 6 23 72 13 35.

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