For the pioneers of the offshore wind industry

Building a business eco-system

The offshore wind industry faces a unique challenge. To construct one of the largest infrastructural developments in Dutch history. Billions of Euro’s will be invested. This will create huge business opportunities for companies pioneering the Offshore Wind Industry. Offshore Wind Innovators helps to build the right business environment to help making it happen.

What we do

Offshore Wind Innovators is a community for companies pioneering the Offshore Wind Industry. It’s our goal to give insight into the business- and innovation ecosystem of the industry and it offers practical solutions to the business challenges that pioneering companies face.

How we do it

We help to introduce SME’s to a strong innovation network and develop products to help fund and market new products and ideas.

Powered by TKI Wind op Zee

TKI Wind Op Zee facilitates R&D, demonstration, valorisation, knowledge transfer, collaboration, education and market development towards maximizing cost reduction and economic impact of offshore wind.

Topsector Energy

The Financing Desk of the Topsector Energy aims to help SME entrepreneurs to valorise their innovations by providing support and assistance with financing issues.

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