Terms of use

The website www.offshorewindinnovators.nl is developed and managed by Stichting MKB Steunpunt Energie en Chemie, acting under the name InnovatieLink (hereinafter “InnovatieLink”).

InnovatieLink has drafted terms of use for the use of the websites. By using the InnovatieLink websites in any way you agree to the applicability of these terms of use.

Use of the websites

All users of the websites should make use of the websites in a normal manner. This means that their use of the websites may not cause any disruption, outage, nuisance or other form of inconvenience or harm for InnovatieLink and / or third parties, such as other users of the websites.

InnovatieLink is always free, on reasonable grounds, which grounds are at the discretion of InnovatieLink, to limit access to the websites to one or more users, to attach conditions to the use thereof, or deny access altogether.

Furthermore, InnovatieLink is free to modify the websites and its contents without any notice.

Content of the websites

InnovatieLink strives to put complete and correct information on the websites. No rights however may be exercised from the information posted on the websites. All decisions made based on the information provided on the websites are entirely at the expense and risk of the user.

The website and its contents are offered in the state in which they actually are (“as is”). InnovatieLink makes no commitments and gives no warranty with regards to the contents and availability of  the websites.

The websites contain references (hyperlinks) to third party websites, InnovatieLink is not responsible for these third parties, their behaviour and the services  and / or information provided by them.
InnovatieLink accepts no liability for any damages or costs related to the websites (including but not limited to their content and availability).

InnovatieLink will determine the content of the websites. In no event shall InnovatieLink be held to grant a request by any party to have its information place on the websites. If InnovatieLink, at the request of a  party, places information on this party on the websites  InnovatieLink is free to decide what information should be placed on the websites, in what way and for what period.

All intellectual property rights related to the websites are, and will remain, property of  InnovatieLink or (if applicable), the rightful owner or its licensor.

Privacy and personal data processing

InnovatieLink respects the privacy of the users of its websites and ensures that personal data that is provided by users is processed in accordance with applicable law and regulations. This means that InnovatieLink will process the obtained data in a proper and careful manner, that it will process the obtained data no longer than necessary and will not process the data otherwise than for the purposes specified below.

The personal data of the users that InnovatieLink obtains will in particular be the data provided by the individual users (for example when registering to our newsletter or filling out the contact form) and data that can be derived from the use of the websites by the visitor (e.g. IP addresses and browser information).

The data collected by InnovatieLink are used to offer the services and / or information in the technical sense and, if necessary, to adapt these to the needs of the user. In addition, the collected data are used to analyse and improve the websites and the services of InnovatieLink. Finally, the information provided can be used for marketing and promotional purposes for the benefit of InnovatieLink.


The websites use functional cookies and analytic cookies. These serve to make our websites more user friendly and to map the use of the websites. InnovatieLink uses Google Analytics for this.

These cookies can be disabled in your browser settings. Disabling cookies may cause some functionalities of the websites to no longer be available, or curb the usability of the websites.

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