Energy Talks & Drinks BLOWING ENERGY. The latest in offshore wind technology

Buccaneer Delft, Paardenmarkt 1 Delft

Wind energy is a key source of renewable energy for the Netherlands. Dutch government is committed to ensuring that 14% of all energy used in the Netherlands is sustainable by 2020 and 16% by 2023. Learn more about the latest in offshore wind technologies.

Program starts at 17:30

  • The Rapid Growth of Offshore Wind - By Dolf Elsevier van Griethuysen, van Oord   
  • Upscaling and Stepping up Offshore Wind - By Rens Savenij, ECN
  • Offshore Connection Technology  -  By Koen Creusen, Fistuca
  • Smart Asset Monitoring  - By Simon de Jager, semioticlabs                          

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2018-06-07 — Buccaneer Delft, Paardenmarkt 1 Delft
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