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Sep 24, 2020

C1 Connections successfully performs full-scale test with the C1 Wedge Connection

The C1 Wedge Connection is a high-capacity, low-maintenance connection that can be installed in a fast and safe manner.
Aug 18, 2020

Investor Day - Application open!

Are you looking for a capital injection for your company to finance your innovation? Topsector Energie organizes an Investor Day on the 12th of November 2020. Fill in your application now.
Aug 18, 2020

Innovation Challenge - Update

News: The winners of the 4th Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge will have the opportunity to test their solutions in the Innovation Lab at Stichting Noordzeeboerderij!
Aug 18, 2020

Topsector Energy makes 100.000 € extra available for hiring an Innovation Broker

Earlier this year the subsidy for hiring innovation brokers was exhausted in one week. Many SME entrepreneurs applied for a financial contribution. The Topsector Energy: extra subsidy budget available
Jul 13, 2020

Hydroelectric station on seabed to store energy

​Ocean Grazer has developed a hydraulic battery to optimally match the supply and demand of electricity.​
Jul 07, 2020

Autonomous Offshore Wind Guard Vessel Introduced

A consortium has unveiled a concept design for an Autonomous Guard Vessel (AGV), to be used for surveillance of offshore wind infrastructure, from wind farms to substation platforms and cable routes.
Jun 15, 2020

Britisch innovation challenge to improve logistics at quayside

Digitally track and manage large components at quayside storage areas
Jun 07, 2020

R&D subsidy for innovative entrepreneurs opens on June 11

From June 11, 9:00 am to September 10, 2020, 5:00 pm you can apply for a subsidy for MIT-R&D collaboration projects.
May 28, 2020

Kick-off 4th Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge

Offshore Wind Innovators offers, in close cooperation with TKI Wind op Zee and Echt, innovative entrepreneurs a solution with the 4th Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge.​
May 25, 2020

Online Masterclass Finance for innovative energy entrepreneurs

the Financing Desk of the Top Sector Energy and New Energy Coalition are organizing a Masterclass Finance on 25 June.
May 13, 2020

Hydrogen turbine construction starts

The first construction phase of a hydrogen turbine starts in the Wieringermeer on the ECN Wind Turbine test field Wieringermeer..HYGRO is able to start construction
May 06, 2020

Lower uncertainties for North Sea offshore wind energy with accurate wind information

​The Dutch Offshore Wind Atlas (DOWA) provides accurate wind information at the North Sea for offshore wind energy use.
May 05, 2020

Smart blade tip design prevents vortex

​​Brand new start-up nigeQ is ready to test an innovative blade tip that eliminates vortex at the end of turbine blades.
May 01, 2020

Slip Joint Foundation makes debut

Van Oord has installed a Slip Joint foundation at the Borssele Wind Farm Site V offshore the Netherlands.
Apr 28, 2020

Corona brigding loan for startup, scaleups and innovative SME's

The Dutch government is allocating € 100 million for bridging loans for start-ups, scale-ups and innovative SMEs. The Regional Development Companies (ROMs) provide this Corona Bridging Loans (COL).
Apr 08, 2020

Sif Displays Slip Joint Hardware

Dutch offshore foundations manufacturer Sif has upended the slip joint transition piece built for the Borssele V innovation site at its facility on Maasvlakte 2 in the Port of Rotterdam.
Mar 09, 2020

Subsidy for Circular Chain Projects

Would you like to design a circular product or service together with other entrepreneurs active in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?
Feb 17, 2020

WindEurope: Europe Needs to Double Wind Installation

Wind energy provided 15% of the electricity in Europe in 2019, however, the current rate of installation is not enough to deliver the Green Deal, according to WindEurope.
Dec 16, 2019

The Offshore Wind Innovators community is moving

As from 1st of January 2020, the Community of Offshore Wind Innovators will become part of TKI Wind op Zee.
Dec 11, 2019

MO4 and Seaqualize winners Offshore Wind Innovation Award 2019

During the Q-meeting of Van Oord and Siemens Gamesa, the audience of 240 wind energy professionals awarded Seaqualize with the public prize. The prize of the professional jury went to MO4.
Dec 09, 2019

Marine Performance Systems wins Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge 2019

Marine Performance Systems is the winner of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge 2019. This company has found a solution for noise reduction during piling.
Nov 27, 2019

Special booth arrangement for SME’s at the Wind Expo Tokyo

SME's who are looking for business opportunities in Japan, are invited by HHWE/NWEA to join the Holland Pavilion at the Wind Expo Tokyo,
Nov 25, 2019

Finalists of the Offshore Wind Innovation Award announced

On December 11 the entrepreneurs of MO4, Seaqualize and Amphibious Energy will present themselves for representatives of the wind industry.
Nov 25, 2019

Free basin time for SME concept testing

MARIN offers SME clients* a free basin slot of two weeks (eighty basin hours including a qualified test engineer) and a one-day workshop with an experienced MARIN Project Manager and Project Engineer.
Nov 22, 2019

Inspiring meeting between energy entrepreneurs and investors during InvestorDay

​On November 21, InnovatieLink successfully brought 6 innovative entrepreneurs in the energy sector in contact with 25 investors.
Nov 19, 2019

Ampelmann ups offshore lifting game

Ampelmann has revealed a new access system that is said to be capable of transferring personnel and cargo of up to 5 tons.
Nov 13, 2019

First annual Dutch Offshore Wind Market Update

Navigant, Nederlandse WindEnergie Associatie, TKI Wind op Zee, and GROW partnered to create the first annual Dutch Offshore Wind Market Update 2019 report which tracks the Dutch offshore wind rollout.
Nov 07, 2019

Finals Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge

On December 9, 2019 Offshore Wind Innovators organises the Finals of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge. During the event the finalists of the challenges will present their case for the audience,
Nov 06, 2019

Masterclass Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge 2019

The masterclass of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge was a success. The masterclass was attended by 8 companies andstart-ups, totalling to 20 participants, on Monday November 4th.
Nov 03, 2019

Last chance to become the offshore wind innovator of 2019

​5 november is the deadline for entrepreneurs who have the ambition to be awarded as the most innovative company in offshore wind of 2019.
Oct 21, 2019

Over 20 applicants for InvestorDay

23 entrepreneurs have registered for the InvestorDay that InnovationLink organizes for innovative energy companies.
Oct 17, 2019

Deutsche Windtechnik to take care of trianel windpark Borkum II turbines

​Deutsche Windtechnik has received an order to provide maintenance for the 32 Senvion 6.3M 152 turbines at the Trianel Windpark Borkum II wind farm in the German North Sea.
Oct 10, 2019

Registration for Innovation Award open until 5 November

Are you the most innovative SME company in offshore wind of 2019? Don't hesitate and subscribe for the Offshore Wind Innovation Award.
Oct 08, 2019

Last call to apply to the Innovation Challenge and InvestorDay!

Register now for the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge and the InvestorDay. The deadlines for application are 17 and 15 October.
Oct 02, 2019

Only two weeks left to register for the InvestorDay

Entrepreneurs in the energy sector who need a capital injection into their company can still register for the InvestorDay until 15 October
Sep 16, 2019

Slip Joint Turbine completes offshore tests

DOB-Academy has shared a video showing the removal of the Delft Offshore Turbine (DOT) as part of the Slip Joint Offshore Research project.
Sep 16, 2019

Masterclass Finance on September 19 fully booked

The Finance Masterclass on September 19, which is organized by InnovatieLink in collaboration with the Topsector Energie, is fully booked.
Sep 15, 2019

Z-bridge completes steelwork for new offshore access system

The Dutch Z-bridge B.V. has completed the fabrication and assembly of the steelwork for its Bring-to-Work (B2W) offshore access system.
Sep 06, 2019

Final of the 2nd edition next week is postponed!

We hope to welcome you on Monday the 9th of December in Delft, from 15.00 – 18.00, to witness a diverse evening from candidates showing many innovative ideas for the Wind Energy Sector!
Aug 26, 2019

Make an innovative contribution in offshore wind

​Do you have a solution for a climate neutral vessel, sustainable oyster cage or a robust and cost-effective noise reduction method for offshore piling? Apply between 26 August and 17 October.​
Aug 22, 2019

InvestorDay for innovative energy companies

For entrepreneurs in the energy sector who are looking for risk capital, InnovationLink organizes an InvestorDay on 21 November 2019 in Delft. Entrepreneurs can register from 22 august to 15 october.
Aug 13, 2019

Funding for cooperation between SMEs and universities

​Innovative companies in the energy sector who are looking for cooperation with a University or HBO can apply for NWO funding.
Aug 12, 2019

Subsidy for Fieldlab Zephyros project AIRTuB

Top Sector Energy has awarded Fieldlab Zephyros a project subsidy for the smart maintenance innovation project AIRTuB (Automatic Inspection and Repair of Turbine Blades).
Jul 26, 2019

RVO seeks Hollandse Kust (west) Wind Resource Assessors

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( is inviting companies to express their interest in carrying out a wind resource assessment of the Hollandse Kust (west) wind farm zone.
Jul 22, 2019

TenneT issues FEED study call for 2GW offshore platforms

Transmission system operator TenneT TSO BV has issued a contract notice for the provision of a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study for the Ijmuiden Ver offshore platforms.
Jul 08, 2019

Carbon Trust Contest looks to improve wind resource models

The Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) has launched an international competition focused on improving offshore wind resource models.
Jul 04, 2019

InnovatieLink opens Financieringsloket for entrepreneurs in the energy sector

From 1 July entrepreneurs in the energy sector in need of how and where they could find financing for their innovation, can contact the Financieringsloket
Jul 03, 2019

Masterclass Finance on September 19

​To get more insight in how and where to source financing for your innovation, InnovatieLink organises a Masterclass Finance on Spetember 2019
Jun 24, 2019

Applications for MIT R&D collaboration projects opened

SME entrepreneurs can submit an application for an R&D cooperation project on the development or renewal of products, processes or services from 11 June to 10 September 2019.
Jun 19, 2019

Three cross sectoral solutions for bolt challenges

​This year’s offshore wind innovation challenge has kicked off with the challenges of Deutsche Wind Technik- technical maintenance company in the wind energy sector.
Jun 03, 2019

Last call for Innovation Challenges

Do you have a solution for corrosion of bolts or for measuring stress in bolts? Apply before 10 june.
May 20, 2019

LiftWerx launches GenHook Up-Tower crane system

LiftWerx, in close co-operation with Kenz Figee and, has developed the world’s most cost effective, versatile, and environmentally-friendly up-tower crane for the wind energy O&M industry.
May 14, 2019

Apply for Offshore Wind Innovation Challenges!

Startups, scaleups, researchers and other technical creatives can now apply for three challenges. Deutsche Windtechnik, TKI Wind op Zee and TKI Maritiem have formulated challenges they encounter. ​​​
May 01, 2019

Subsidy for test site on the North Sea

Companies, universities, SME entrepreneurs and start-ups can test and demonstrate innovations offshore in the The Hague area.
Apr 15, 2019

Offshore wind innovators kicks off with a new edition of the Innovation Challenge - Call for technical challenges

In May the second edition of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge will kick off. The goal of this challenge is to accelerate applied innovations in the offshore wind industry.
Apr 11, 2019

Opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs in INNOWWIDE

Are you an innovative SME entrepreneur and internationally active? Then INNOWWIDE might be something for you.
Apr 09, 2019

IHC IQIP takes next step in development Blue Piling technology

IHC IQIP has committed itself to the future of the Offshore Wind market and is taking the next important step in the development of BLUE Piling Technology.
Mar 30, 2019

Revolutionary plug-and-play foundation system for wind turbines

The Monobase Wind Foundation is a revolutionary foundation system for wind turbines. "Our system is plug and play."
Mar 30, 2019

SeaZip glimpses into autonomous shipping future

​Offshore service vessel Seazip 3 has performed the first-ever autonomous maneuvering trials in the Dutch North Sea as part of the Autonomous Shipping joint industry project.​​
Mar 19, 2019

Meewind in race zero-subsidy offshore windfarm to involve citizens

A newly established consortium of companies, called Frontier, wants to realize two new offshore wind farms together with 20,000 citizens.
Mar 18, 2019

Prior Group sets up offshore wind service in Vlissingen

Green Blue Offshore Terminal, an initiative of the Prior Group, is opening a new terminal in the port of Vlissingen, the Netherlands, to offer services to companies active in offshore wind.
Mar 05, 2019

8.5 million euros to enrich the North Sea

Natuur & Milieu and Stichting De Noordzee receive 8.5 million euros from the Droomfonds of the Dutch Postcode Lottery for their joint project ‘De Rijke Noordzee’.
Feb 11, 2019

Application of blockchain in the energy sector

The potential for the use of blockchain within the energy sector is in focus of the third video in the Horizons series, co-produced by DOB-Academy and Offshore WIND.
Jan 31, 2019

Gould Services to open new Vlissingen facility

Gould Services is establishing a new offshore support facility at the Port of Vlissingen.
Jan 21, 2019

ECN, KNMI and Wiffle release new Dutch Offshore Wind Atlas

The ECN part of TNO, KNMI and Offshore Wind Innovators member Whiffle, a Delft University of Technology spin-off, released the new Dutch Offshore Wind Atlas.
Dec 13, 2018

Fistuca winner Offshore Wind Innovation Award 2018

Fistuca is the winner of both the jury and the public prize of the Offshore Wind Innovation Award 2018.
Dec 03, 2018

With good design and a smart material Ridderflex won the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge 2018!

After three rounds, Dutch company Ridderflex is the winner of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge 2018! Ridderflex has made an innovative design to realize the Perfect Fender.
Dec 03, 2018

Nominations for the Offshore Wind Innovation Award announced

The jury of the Offshore Wind Innovation Award 2018 announced the three finalists. Fistuca, Qlayers and TWD will compete for the award for the most appealing innovation in offshore wind.
Dec 03, 2018

Prestigious project for Mocean

The Dutch government approved the funding for a pilot wave energy project to be installed off the coast of the island Texel
Nov 29, 2018

Ridderflex wins Innovation Challenge 2018

Ridderflex wins Innovation Challenge 2018 of Offshore Wind Innovators
Nov 27, 2018

Free MARIN test time for maritime SMEs in 2018

Free MARIN test time for maritime SMEs again. In recent years MARIN offered maritime SMEs free tank time for testing innovative ideas. Because of its success, the fifth round will follow in 2018.
Nov 20, 2018

Clean power plant to balance the offshore wind farm grid

Article about SME Circulair Energy and wants to improve the use of wind farms with their installation which can work like a super battery.
Nov 08, 2018

Ampyx Power and NLR join forces for alternative wind energy

Ampyx Power and NLR have recently received a subsidy from the Top Sector Energy-TKI Wind on Sea for planning an aircraft that needs help to generate large wind energy.
Oct 30, 2018

Jules Dock wins iSea Match of the Concepts 2018 with C-tower

Jules Dock has won the iSea Match of the Concepts 2018.
Oct 29, 2018

BMO Offshore Wins Beatrice Contract

BMO Offshore has won a new framework contract with SSE to deploy vessel monitor measurement systems on the Beatrice offshore wind farm.
Oct 22, 2018

Innovation Award for most distinctive offshore wind entrepreneur

Offshore Wind Innovators will organize the Offshore Wind Innovation Award again this year. In collaboration with Siemens and Van Oord, this prize will be awarded to the most innovative entrepreneur.
Oct 19, 2018

TWD introduces Hammock Seafastening for Monopiles

TWD introduces a monopile seafastening that accommodates all foundations, including those used today up to the 11m diameter in the foreseeable future without any changes to the support structure.
Oct 15, 2018

Application open for the Innovation Awards 2018!

Application for the Innovation Award of the Offshore Wind Innovators community is now open for Dutch innovative entrepeneurs! Apply now!
Oct 15, 2018

Eagle-Access Readies Its First Access System Prototype

The Netherlands-based Eagle-Access BV is developing its first offshore access system prototype for the transfer of personnel and cargo.
Sep 28, 2018

A successful launch of the Masterclass Innovation Challenge

A summary of the Masterclass event of Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge which took place at Monday 24th of September
Sep 25, 2018

Article in Offshore Industry: Who Will Prevent Damage to Sea Cables?

During the construction of an offshore windfarm, cable costs account for only 10%. However, they also account for 40% of damage claims and even 85% of damage costs.
Sep 17, 2018

Join us on Offshore Wind US Mission

Sep 10, 2018

Nominees for Offshore Energy Awards 2018 Revealed

The jury has reviewed all submitted nominations for the Offshore Energy Awards and has chosen for each category three nominees that obtained the highest number of points.
Sep 04, 2018

The Innovation Challenge: Prices are announced!

The Innovation Challenge: What’s in it for me?
Aug 27, 2018

Test successfully completed with innovative hammer for offshore wind farm

Test successfully completed with innovative hammer for offshore wind farm
Aug 13, 2018

Only a few days left for the Offshore Wind Accelerator Tender

Offshore Wind Accelerator Tender: Reducing emissions and fuel consumption in offshore wind vessels
Aug 07, 2018

Article in Dutch: The windmill is changing, just like construction of offshore windfarms

New innovations are rapedly growing within the offshore wind sector, Financieel Dagblad (FD) wrote a Dutch interesting article about it's current developments.
Aug 07, 2018

Development of monobased foundation system

The MonoBaseWind has been developed as an efficient foundation system for 40+ m waterdepth and 10+ MW wind turbine.
Jul 26, 2018

BLUE Hammer Strikes at Maasvlakte 2

At Maasvlakte 2 in the Port of Rotterdam, Fistuca is currently testing the BLUE Piling technology for driving the foundation piles of offshore wind turbines into the seabed.
Jul 26, 2018

Van Oord to install innovative suction bucket foundations at Deutsche Bucht Offshore Wind Farm

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 20 July 2018 – Financial close has been reached for two pilot wind turbines at the Deutsche Bucht Offshore Wind Farm. The project will test Mono Buckets.
Jul 26, 2018

GE Renewable Energy acquires WMC wind turbine blade test center in Wieringerwerf, Netherlands

Renewable Energy Business, LM Wind Power announced the planned acquisition of the WMC test facilities in Wieringerwerf, Netherlands.
Jul 09, 2018

Borssele 1 & 2 O&M Facility Receives Final Nod

Borssele 1 & 2 O&M Facility Receives Final Nod
Jul 01, 2018

SeaRenergy and N-Sea awarded Dolwin Alpha repair project

A consortium of SeaRenergy and N-Sea has been awarded a project by TenneT covering modification works to the jacket structure of the HVDC platform Dolwin alpha.
Jun 28, 2018

Innovation testing site off the coast of The Hague

Off the coast of The Hague, just outside the harbor of Scheveningen, comes an advanced test area. SME entrepreneurs and startups can test and demonstrate innovations in the open sea in this area.
Jun 22, 2018

Five Offshore Wind Innovation Challenges announced!

Offshore Wind Innovation Challenges
Jun 18, 2018

​ TWD delivers jacket lifting tool

Temporary Works Design (TWD) successfully completed the turnkey delivery of a Jacket Lifting Tool to Van Oord.
Jun 05, 2018

Masterclass Finance: Offshore Wind Innovators can shop for finance

Review of the first Masterclass Finance of Offshore Wind Innovators
Jun 04, 2018

DOT Monopile Installed at Princess Amalia OWF

Heerema Marine Contractors and CAPE Holland have installed a Delft Offshore Turbine (DOT) monopile.
Jun 01, 2018

Offshore wind industry challenges innovative entrepreneurs during Innovation Challenge

The offshore wind industry shares specific bottlenecks they face during construction, operation and maintenance of wind farms. It challenges innovative entrepreneurs to come up with solutions.
May 29, 2018

Business Case for Offshore Wind – Gas Combination

Coupling of the existing oil and gas infrastructure with offshore wind farms in the North Sea can be technically and economically feasible